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Auxiliary Raw Materials

What are Auxiliary Raw Materials?


Auxiliary raw materials are used with their assets to enrich the properties of the final products used. Examples of auxiliary raw materials are thickeners, esters, PEG, esterquats, plasticizers, polyester resins, polyacrylates, sodium heptagluconate, polyethylene wax emulsion and preservatives.


Latro's innovative auxiliary solutions include developing products with high resistance to heat, chemicals and acids. It aims to improve both costs and processes by preventing yellowing and discoloration of fabrics in textiles.


What Are The Usage Areas of Auxiliary Raw Materials?


Auxiliary chemicals in textile are used as a softener in dyeing and finishing processes. In line with the needs of the usage areas, innovative esterquats with hydrophilic properties, PEG with high molecular weight and polyester resin are used that give a touch and antistatic effect when applied to the fabric.


Our antiback staining product, developed especially for the denim industry, is assertive in improving processes and preventing back-dyeing. In addition, you can reach the solution with our water-repellent oil formulations, which are developed for the leather industry and strengthen your formulations.

Auxiliary Raw Materials

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