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Antifoam Agents For Home Care

It is hard to imagine life without the foam found in everyday products like shampoos and washing detergents. However, in the industrial world, foam is a major source of trouble. These foam-related troubles are not limited to easily recognizable issues such as;


  • Process fluctuations
  • Poor washing, filtration, and drying
  • Reduced pumping efficiency
  • Thermal insulation - poor temperature control
  • Floatation of solids
  • Reducing vessel capacity
  • Preventing distillations
  • Increasing packaging (bottling) times

Antifoams are chemically designed to prevent the formulation of foam, defoamers break the existing foam. Our antifoams are readily dispersible, provide excellent long-term foam control persistency, are highly effective on entrained, surface macro-foam and micro-foam. They can be used in various daily products such as aerosols, laundry detergents and many other cleaning products.

We offer custom-made antifoam solutions and support our customers with the performance tests that are conducted in our laboratory. Our product portfolio includes antifoams with excellent knock-down and durability, that are stable in extreme pH and temperature conditions. We also offer products that are compatible with various systems and that don’t cause any negative effects on stability or transparency.


Antifoam Agents For Home Care

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