Personal Care

Personal Care

Latro is continuously expanding its product portfolio to offer on-trend marketing and formulation solutions. Our product portfolio comprises performance and functional ingredients that will help increase the performance of the finished products, create new and unique textures, and provide outstanding benefits.


One of our main goals is to increase the use of sustainable ingredients in the personal care industry. Therefore, we are progressively amplifying our product portfolio by adding natural-based functional and active ingredients. Latro is supporting its customers with technical and marketing support provided by the sales and laboratory team. We are creating custom-made concepts and formulations by following the latest trends in the cosmetics industry.


Latro is offering a wide range of specialty products including:


  • Silicones, consisting of a comprehensive range of performance additives
  • Coated pigments and powders, including UV filters, lakes, dyes, and dispersions
  • Active ingredients with sustainable sources
  • Natural based functional ingredients
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics
  • Rheology modifiers, consisting of various hectorite gel dispersions
  • Hair removal ingredients

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