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No boss, no manager, no hierarchy

Latro is an "ecosystem", consisting of teams with a high level of autonomy, guided by our purpose and customer-first mentality. Each "explorer" in the ecosystem aligns with commitment and collective management principles.

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We define Latro as a living organism with its own soul and priorities, more than just a company. Therefore, our purpose and values explain very clearly the "why" behind our existence.

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We aspire to be the ecosystem where is home to explorers, seekers, doers, dreamers, and learners. If you are loaded with curiosity and ready to join, let’s talk!

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With AI-powered Latro 3.0, we are shaping the future of chemistry and discovering areas where innovation meets excellence. Our solutions create a smarter, greener, and more sustainable world.

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Latro Way

Be ready to meet Turkey’s first collectively managed company. We invite you to discover an inspiring journey about our company which was established in 2010 in Istanbul as a supplier of textile chemicals. Today, Latro offers a broad range of chemical raw materials from textile to cosmetics, electronics to aerospace, and agriculture. Latro is not an ordinary raw material supplier. We are a collectively managed company that consists of teams with a high level of autonomy, guided by our purpose and values. Defined as an ecosystem, Latro is home to explorers, creators, doers, brainstormers, and entrepreneurs. We are proud of the team we are building, and how the collective mindset helps us to deliver unique solutions.
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We offer a broad range of chemical raw materials as well as value-led services with deep industry knowledge.

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