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Silicone Performance Additives

One of the most popular ways to print on garment surfaces is the screen printing method. With this method, in general, the most popular ink is water-based screen printing ink. After printing ink is applied with the serigraphy method, the printed surface is cured with high temperatures like 120–130°C. When a printed surface is exposed to temperature, water evaporates, and the pigment is bonded on the fabric surface. Beside of simplicity to use this method, water-based ink provides some specification which it is inadequate such as silky-touch, shiny, coverage, washing and cracking durability.


Water-based screen printing inks have some special handlings which are poor hand feel, cracking, coverage, washing durability.

  • Lubrication solutions for reducing tackiness
  • Providing anti-static surface to avoid dust
  • Obtaining soft touch, slippery, and flexible fabric
  • Increasing opacity, surface smoothness
  • Lead to have bright and vivid colors
  • Increasing durability with reactive silicone polymers
  • Increasing tensile strength
  • Increasing elongation and avoid to cracking

PACONE series are developed for enhancing the values of silky-touch, color depth, covering, and anti-cracking effect. PACONE series can be used in between 1%-5% depends on the formulation. 

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Silicone Performance Additives

Water-Based Ink Enhancer Solutions Solutions

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