Silicone Textile Printing

Silicone Textile Printing

Silicone elastomers remain an innovative and extraordinary solution in the textile screen printing industry.


Latro is offering a unique product range of silicone printing inks, which are specifically formulated depending on the application. What makes Latro silicone inks special:

  • Unique formulations based on application
  • Excellent physical properties such as tear and tensile strength, elongation, washing, ironing durability
  • Matt or gloss printing according to need
  • Long pot life (>48 hours)
  • Fast curing under high temperatures

Plastisol (PVC) and water-based PA/PU ink systems have been using by printers for many years. However, there are serious disadvantages of plastisol and water-based inks, such as low washing and ironing resistance, poor hand feel, low elongation, etc.

Compared to PVC and water-based products, silicones have Si-O bonds, which allows them to have the following properties:

  • Infinite washing & ironing durability
  • Excellent cracking durability
  • Chemical stability
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV and ozone resistance
  • Contains no phthalate
  • Eco-friendly
  • No cracking

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