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Anti-fogging Agents

Anti-fogging agents are usually surface activators that help decrease the surface tension of the water droplets that may form on the surface due to condensation. The anti-fogging agent provides the surface tension between the water and the substrate's surface. Cause of the reduction of contact angle the water can spread out more creating a more uniform layer of water. This effect prevents the spots and defects that can appear as the reason for the water droplets on the surface. Anti-fogging agents help to make a uniform coating on the top of the PET sheet.

Lamold® anti-fog series are silicone-based materials. They provide mold release effect, anti-fogging properties, and anti-static effect. Our anti-fog series can be used in different applications such as padding, kiss roll, nozzles, and spraying. Lamold® anti-fog series are transparent, easy to applied and FDA approved.

Anti-fogging Agents

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