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Unique Solution For Screen Printing Industry

Screen printing ink technology offers a very big growth opportunity for sportswear and casual wear manufacturers. For a long time, plastisol (PVC) and water-based PA/PU inks have been widely used by screen printers. However, such printing inks have some serious disadvantages, such as poor washing, ironing, poor hand feel and non-adhesion to textiles, which limit their use, especially in high-end apparel applications. In addition, some of these products may contain plasticizers and cause other adverse environmental effects.
Unique Solution For Screen Printing Industry

In order to overcome these problems, screen printers started to use printing silicones as a premium printing pad for them due to their good washing durability, hand feel, elongation properties and environmental friendliness.


HyperTex Active printing silicones are used in a wide range of fabric types, from natural and synthetic fabrics, including elastic fabrics, to finished products such as raw, dyed fabrics, knits, home fabrics, specialty technical fabrics and many other products.


Printing silicones can appeal to consumers' sustainability preferences while providing the high stretch and soft feel desired by brand owners and screen printers. Latro HyperTex Active printing silicones provides printers with a comprehensive range of base, additive, ready-to-use products, effect printing silicones, free of any plasticizers, formaldehyde and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO).


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Latro Kimya eliminates the disadvantages of traditional products, such as screen life of ink, covarage and opacity, which are experienced in the printing process, and at the same time, Latro Kimya offers performance in compliance with environmental standards. In addition, it provides screen printers with sustainable additional options by meeting various special design needs to help customers stand out from the competition and differentiate their products.



Why Silicone as Printing Ink?


  • Endless ironing and washing resistance
  • Hydrophobic surface
  • Flame reterdant
  • High elongation coefficient
  • Inert
  • High UV and ozone resistance
  • Unique printing effects

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