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How We Create New Possibilities For PET Sheet Industry?

Silicone solutions for the sector in PET sheet production play an important role in the customization of sheets. In PET sheet production, we use high-performance silicone emulsions to provide anti-fog, lubricant, strength, demoulding properties and to optimize production. Our solution offers include micro, macro, and semi macro silicone emulsions. Emulsions developed for production problems vary according to application and expected performance. Micro silicone emulsions with a particle size of less than 40 nm are transparent and provide a homogeneous coverage on the PET sheet. Macro silicone emulsions with an opaque white appearance have a particle size of approximately 120 nm and adhere to the PET sheet surface with larger particles.
How We Create New Possibilities For PET Sheet Industry?

Thanks to larger particles, they can cover a larger area; however, the stability of macro silicone emulsions is very important and critical to provide homogeneous coverage on the sheet surface. Unlike macro silicone emulsions with poor stability, macro silicone emulsions with strong stability products can solve the fogging problem, do not leave any traces by giving a homogeneous distribution, and provide high lubrication and high performance. 


On the other hand, semi-macro silicone emulsions have a semi-transparent appearance and have a particle size of approximately 60nm to 80nm. Semi-macro silicone technology has provided an innovative approach to increase the quality and mold release performance of the sheets by providing the optimum solution to the PET sheet industry. Semi-macro silicone emulsions also increase the production capacity by shortening the drying time in PET sheet production. The most important features that affect the quality and performance of the sheet in silicone emulsions are antistatic effect, FDA-approved, non-marking, low dosage, and clear surface appearance. 


LAMOLD® P 500 provides an extraordinary solution to the PET sheet industry with its new generation silicone technology, providing the industry with differences such as stability, performance, and low dosage. As Latro Kimya, we supply LAMOLD® Series, which we developed for the industry in our R&D Center, and we create new possibilities with extraordinary chemical solutions for the customization of the products.

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