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Do you like challenge? This Is For You.

As an explorer of the collective system that I have been in for 5 years, I would like to introduce Latro to you. As a chemist, my first job at Latro was in the laboratory. I was enthusiastic and curious about every work I did. My boundaries have never been a laboratory. I questioned a lot whether I could take part in many training courses such as financial literacy and quarterly presentations. Sometimes I was demanding with great enthusiasm, sometimes I could not dare and take a step back. In every event that I did not dare, my sense of curiosity increased. Taking part in every stage of the business and increasing my competencies gave me pleasure and pleasure. When you look from the outside, you can say that it is enough to do your own job correctly and on time.
Do you like challenge? This Is For You.

However, with the pride of learning something new every day and breaking the shell, and the motivation of success, my enthusiasm increased. There were questions I asked myself frequently during this journey. What is success? Is success personal? Personal success was a short-lived bliss. But teamwork was more valuable and more effective for us to succeed in a job altogether, 



While continuing my business life in this working environment, our founder (former boss) Haluk mentioned about a new system. He is someone who is always chasing new ideas, applications, and possibilities. He was always more than a boss. He said that with this new system, we will continue our working life without a boss and with collective management. Thanks to this collective management, everyone became a boss and everyone became an employee. The best part of this system is that the number of people who wonder, research, and work from the beginning to the end of any job has increased. We have seen that our freedom of trial and error has increased in the processes where we have assumed full responsibility.

You can say that  this system does not work or there will be a lot of trouble with this system. Well, you're right, we have been through a lot. Of course, every innovation will have a cost and a process. The most important thing that this system showed us from the very first day was that we articulated our problems openly and reached solutions in a shorter time. Given the opportunity to manage a company through collective management is a great experience. 


Best of all, you learn to challenge the industry, the ecosystem, and yourself for new possibilities.

let's create new possibilities together